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Activities for Housebound People

I know first hand that being housebound is no easy task, sometimes it an even feel like you are being held prisoner by your illness in your own home!

Picture of bear shaped cloud


Sit or lie outside on a lounger and appreciate watching the clouds and birds go by. Sometimes clouds form shapes, can you tell what this cloud is in the shape of? Your body will thank you for the fresh air you are providing it.


We have plenty of time on our hands now but are unable to go out and be social. Instead of catching up with friends at a bar for a drink, catch up with them on skype with a herbal tea.


Not much beats the satisfaction of when I finish a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. Take it at your own pace and choose a puzzle that has an inspiring picture for you, perhaps a picture of a destination that you will one day visit, dreaming is free!


Mindfulness meditation is simple and relaxing. I usually do it in my bed but you can do it anywhere you like, perhaps in your favourite chair or outside. It has many health benefits, try a guided meditation or go it alone.


There are plenty of instruments you can learn in a sitting or even lying position. If you don't have the energy to do this you can do like I do and put some headphone on and listen to your favourite tunes for a while.


Anyone can try their hand at art, perhaps jewellery making, calligraphy or even painting and object from around the house to give it a new look. Or keep it simple tucked in bed with n adult colouring in book.


Reading is enjoyable, educational and interesting. I have been trying to learn German by reading. You could learn a new language, learn about our planet or just read a story for fun.


Our galaxy is awesome and there is so much unknown up there in the sky. Learn about the stars and what they are named, it's interesting and you will be able to impress people with your knowledge of astronomy.


Cooking and baking is very rewarding, your tastebuds will be grateful and it smells amazing! If you don't have the energy perhaps a loved one could give you a hand and you can enjoy the eating together.


Everyone with a chronic illness has a story we can tell. Share your story in a blog or a book with ideas on what has helped you. Or use your imagination and write a fun story.

Do you have a chronic illness? I have put together a very useful, easy to follow resource for 19 chronic conditions.

Click here to see if your condition is on it.

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There are probably many more ideas of activities for housebound people. Feel free to share yours below :)

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